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Wow every man and his dog should do this

“Wairaurahiri Jet you rock!!”
[5 of 5 stars] Reviewed 13 July 2014

wow ‘every man and his dog should do this’!! 
its a trip I’ve now done three times and will again! it has everything and then some, regardless of the season. The most awe-inspiring scenery, amidst Fiordland National Park less the rat race of boats and people. Lake Hauroko with its history, myths and mystic, the mist and snow capped mountain peaks in cooler months or sun kissed tussocked tops in warmer months. Podacarp forests engulf you as you make your way down the river, catching sight of a deer in its natural environment, a trout cruising by or the glint of the friendly Okaka lodge manager signaling from the top of the Hump ridge track. (which you can access by doing this jet boat trip, heck why wouldn’t you?! so many ways to explore and learn about this seldom visited beauty of Fiordland) and that’s all before you even get to the ocean! once there you get the most scrumptious venison lunch is cooked right there and then by Johan, whilst you are out exploring New Zealand’s southern coast and looking out towards Solander and Stewart islands.
We met up with some folks that were staying at the Wairaurahiri Lodge where we had lunch, they had also boated in a few day before, hunting, tramping and fishing and then were flying out, wow what a holiday. Stories of the deer hunting days and area history come to life as Johan described the events of his own and others expeditions, giggles and shouts of joy when we found a trap had caught yet another ‘jellybean’ as Joyce delightfully calls the rats in the stoat traps, yip these guys are environmentally conscious too, with their own stoat trapping program!
I could go on but really you must experience it for yourself! make sure its Wairaurahiri Jet with Johan and Joyce and you’ll be having the time of your life, these guys are the real deal!
I’ve been on all sorts of boat rides around the globe and this for sure hits the spot on fun, adventure, remoteness and Kiwi Kai.

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