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If you would like to participate in our conservation efforts there are many different ways to participate.


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good guys

Good Guys


Community Conservation

Hauroko Valley Primary School Visit

Johan Groters went to visit us to talk about trapping pests and saving animals such as native birds from going extinct. Johan traps pests like stoats and rats to help save the native birds, eggs and chicks.

Hunter Ward

On Tuesday the eleventh of September Johan visited H.V.P to talk about conservation week. He was talking about all of the amazing birds and catching pests. The part that interested me the most was how NZ went under the sea and the only things that survived were things like seals, birds and fish. Then awhile later NZ rose up and the Maori and European people came with dirty rats and more pests and they killed a lot of birds. I feel good about what Johan is doing because its good to have nature and birds and everyone loves it.

Eric Ward

Johan was at school to teach us about Conservation. He has stoat traps set on the Wairaurahiri River and catches stoats so that the native chicks and eggs are safe ( like kiwis). Johan opened the stoat trap and he said “Who would like to put their finger in the stoat trap?”. Some children put their hands up. I kept it down because I already knew what would happen. SNAP!!! All the hands went down.

“Who would like to put a stoat in their hands?” asked Johan. Lots of pupils wanted to touch the frozen stoat but it stunk!

I enjoyed Johan’s talk. I am going to pick up rubbish from the ground and put it where it should be! I think Johan is doing a great job saving birds and looking after our nature.

Dylan Clark

WOW!!! It is already time for Johan to come and talk to us all about CONSERVATION Week! Man that morning tea went fast. Catching stoats and driving a boat, that’s awesome. I think Johan has a great job because he saves the birds and other animals. My favourite part was finding out about when New Zealand actually sunk. For conservation week I’m going to pick rubbish up from the side of the road.

Harry Minty