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Wairaurahiri Jet customers spread sustainability story worldwide

Wairaurahiri Jet suggests five free things to do in Fiordland & Western.
This area is so spectacular with so many family things to do. Here is just some Southland. dolphins, Whale, caving, and more

Joyce Kolk and Johan Groters aren’t just building a business for today; they are helping to protect and enhance the environment they operate in — so their grandchildren can enjoy it too.

One of the first things you learn about Wairaurahiri Jet is that they are “committed to being economically, socially and environmentally sustainable to reflect the pristine environment in which we operate”. It’s not just something they say; it’s their mission.

The couple offer an exhilarating 94km jet boat ride to the sea and back through the heart of beautiful Fiordland National Park. The journey takes people across the pristine Lake Hauroko and down to the rugged southern coast via the wild Wairaurahiri River.

Their catchcry is ‘Adrenalin Meets Conservation’ — educating people about the unique flora and fauna in the Waitutu forest and the threats they face — to create nature ambassadors, spreading Joyce and Johan’s message worldwide.

More than 300 predator traps are scattered throughout the forest surrounding the Wairaurahiri River — with many of the traps sponsored by people who live halfway around the world.

Since 2006, Wairaurahiri Jet’s Trip and Trap programme has rid the forest of thousands of pests that prey on native species. They are also realistic about the job and that more needs to be done to protect our threatened species.

They are locally owned and operated and have a dedicated approach to sustainability through actions and measuring their carbon footprint.

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